“There were three elephants outside our house this morning!” Her eyes were almost shining with excitement. “I told my daughter to go and get the phone to take pictures, but they left quickly. There were three big ones and one baby that was very small, only so high (she showed us with her hand). They were so close, from here to that tree (about 20m). I went to to wash some vessels and didn’t see them right away. I just go a chance to see them for little while, and they quickly left. They had the small one hidden between them. I wanted to tell you in the morning only, but I didn’t see you.”
How come no one else in the village had seen them? Where did they go after that?

“I didn’t tell anyone else here. My house is near the edge, so they went off into the forest after that. These boys all get together and go following the elephants and chasing them. The poor things just want to go peacefully but they get troubled a lot. It has a small baby also no? I’m also a mother, and it’s hard enough to look after a baby without being harassed. Now I never tell people when elephants come. I watch them quietly and let them go.”

Was she scared of them?

” Of course you can’t not be scared of such large animals. One swing of its trunk and we will be dead. The nights are the most scary, since you can’t see the elephants also. But I don’t think they want to harm us. And some fear is good also. These boys are all not scared at all. That is going to lead to a lot of trouble.